Is anyone as obsessive about work as I am? I don’t care what you do. I know that it’s comprising the majority of your waking hours; so, chances are, you’re like me and have a hard time letting go when you come home.

Being in ministry is probably no different than working as a manager of a restaurant, being a contractor, or selling advertising. At the end of the day, there’s relational stuff that always seems up in the air from the workplace. There are problems to solve. There are places where you’re kicking yourself because you wish you could have done things better. And then there’s just an overall anxiety of the unknown.

So…I’m still marinating on all these things, racking my brain over these things when I’m on my way home from work. I am not thinking of “nothing” when my wife asks, “What are you thinking?”– and I tell her “Nothing.” I think about these things before I go to bed. I dream about them. There the first things that grip me in the morning. I can really obsess.

And, besides giving these situations to prayer (which I’ll share a technique that I learned pretty soon), I still stink at the leaving-work-at-work thing.

So…I’m asking you for your help (because I want to serve and enjoy my wife and daughter):

What do you do to leave work at work and keep yourself fresh for when you go home?